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Urine and Odour Treatments

Australians love our dogs and cats. We often consider these companion animals our best friends and beloved family members. Studies show one in three households include a dog and one in four is home to a cat. That’s 40% of Australian households owning a dog and 26% owning a cat. Pets are wonderful additions to any family but occasionally even the most well-behaved pet can have an unfortunate accident or get sick. As you can imagine, this is a very common problem.

Another problem that can arise due to the presence of pets is smelly odours. Often owners don’t realize when their home has an odour problem because their sense of smell becomes acclimatised to the malodour over time. Unfortunately, their visitors will notice the odour immediately.

Of the two, pet urine would have to be the most detrimental to your home and furnishings. Urine is often a carpets worst enemy. If urine is left in the carpet untreated, further damage to the carpet, underlay and floor can occur. The problem with urine stains is that they are normally a lot deeper and larger than they first appear. Urine can quite easily soak through the backing of your carpet and into the carpet pad or underlay. In severe situations, it can even start to soak into your subfloor.

Urine and Odour Treatments - How pet urine spreads below the surface

Removing urine stains and the associated odours require removing or neutralising the urine from every affected layer. If the urine is not completely removed or neutralised, odours can return when moisture comes in contact with the dried urine salts. This can sometimes happen in times of high humidity or after steam cleaning if the technician is not notified about the spot.

Urine and Odour Treatments
Light to Moderate Contamination

Surface cleaning is acceptable for urine contamination levels where it has not penetrated into the backing of the carpet. Steam cleaning with a decontaminating and odour neutralising rinse will be sufficient in most cases.

Moderate to Heavy Contamination

When urine has penetrated through the backing of the carpet and contaminates the underlay or old stains where the smells keep returning, you have three options.

1. Sub-Surface Extraction: (80 – 90% Successful)

When we have pinpointed the location of the stain, we pour an odour and bacteria neutralising solution on the surface of the carpet, saturating the stain and dissolving the urine salts and odour causing bacteria.

  • After our neutralising solution has had time to work we use a special sub-surface extraction tool and our powerful truckmount to suck out the chemical along with the dissolved urine and bacteria. We give the area a thorough rinse with clean hot water to remove every trace of urine and chemical residue.
  • As a final step, we clean the area with our steam cleaning wand.
Urine and Odour Treatments - Sub-surface extraction treatment
2. Pull Back & Replace Pad: (99% Successful)

Really bad stains where pets have urinated in the same spot over and over again, or just a large spot left untreated and the urine has even penetrated the subfloor.

  • First we pull back the carpet and remove the contaminated underlay.
  • We clean and seal the subfloor with an encapsulating sealer preventing any odour form returning.
  • We replace any damaged tack-strip, clean the back side of the carpet and let it dry.
  • When the back of the carpet and subfloor are dry, we install the new underlay and seal the back side of the carpet with an encapsulating sealer to seal out any remaining residue.
  • Finally, we will clean, deodourise and reinstall the carpet.
3. Full Replacement: (100% Successful)

Note: If replacing a urine affected carpet with a new carpet and underlay, the subfloor may also need to be cleaned, disinfected and sealed. If urine has stained or penetrated the subfloor, it must be sealed. If you don’t seal the subfloor, the odour can return and contaminate the new carpet and underlay.

Colour Loss or Permanent Staining

Pet urine stains if not treated straight away, can be one of the toughest stains to remove. They can be particularly damaging to wool and nylon carpets that are acid dyed.

In some cases, the acids in pet urine can cause irreparable damage to carpets in the form of colour loss. The urine can strip colour from these acid dyed carpets. The effects often occur over time but some spots can react instantly. It is always best to act quickly on any stain, especially urine stains as it greatly increases the chance of successful stain removal and decreases the chance of permanent damage. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning or deodorising can repair this issue once it has occurred. Therefore, removing the stain won’t fix the colour loss. As a result, the only solutions to this problem are to live with it, replacement or colour repair (re-dyeing). Grime Fighters technicians have the training and knowledge to neutralize these spots and re-dye them to match the surrounding carpet.

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