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Carpet Protection and Fabric Protection

Many of the residential carpets produced today come with some form of soil and stain-resistant carpet protection. Stain Master is a common brand of Nylon carpet, known for having these stain-resistant properties. In fact, practically all synthetic carpets manufactured today come with some form of stain resistance.

A fluorochemical coating bonded to the outer surface of the carpet fibres creates the stain resistance. This forms a smooth coating that changes the fibres ability to absorb spills making them far less likely to stain.

Many people have the impression that a stain-resistant carpet means that stains can’t affect their carpet. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The average replacement period for carpet is twelve years. While many begin to show signs of poor care after only three to five years. The carpet industry refers to this as ”Uglying Out“. (Notice, they don’t call it “Wearing Out”) This condition typically affects heavily trafficked areas and areas in front of the furniture first. As a result, causing these areas to look dull and dirty.

Light coloured carpets today require routine professional care to keep them looking great until they truly wear out.

Fabric protection helps prevent wear and permanent staining

Why Carpets ”Ugly Out“ Before They Wear Out

STEP 1: From The Factory, Fibres Are Fresh, New & Protected

This is what your carpet fibres look like when they are new and fresh from the mill.

You can see there is a carpet protector, shielding the carpet fibres.

This factory coating is what keeps spills from staining your carpet. It also makes vacuuming your carpeting easier and far more effective.

New & protected carpet fibres
The way they look fresh from the mill
Abrasive soil
Attacks the carpet fibres

STEP 2: Carpet Fibers Under Attack By Soil, Pollen and Mites

Over time, foot traffic on your carpet causes the abrasive soil to become ground and trapped in your carpet’s fibres. To the naked eye, dirt appears to be smooth. While under a microscope, the soil is more like tiny little pieces of glass with abrasive, sharp and jagged edges.

This abrasive soil acts like tiny bits of glass, cutting into the fabric protection, exposing and damaging the delicate fibres.

Now exposed, fibres are vulnerable to spills and soil penetrating deep into the core of the carpet. This is what causes carpets to ”ugly out“ faster. It also leaves these exposed fibres vulnerable to possible permanent staining eventually leading to it wearing out.

STEP 3: The Solution Is To RENEW Your Coating of Carpet Protection

Renewing the Carpet Protection with each cleaning will reinforce the original factory protection of your carpet. Spills will become easier to remove and vacuuming will be much more effective. More importantly, your carpet will look better for much longer than it would with just the original protection alone. That’s why most carpet manufacturers today recommend renewing Carpet Protection or Fabric Protection AFTER EACH CLEANING!

Make Your Carpets Last Longer… PROTECT THEM!

Your home and family deserve all of the health benefits that professional cleaning and Carpet Protection and Fabric Protection can provide.

Renewed Protection
Cleaned carpet with protection re-applied

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