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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Rugs have played an important role in our home décor since the beginning of time. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, materials, patterns and prices.

Oriental and area rugs are often cheaper than wall-to-wall carpet. As a result, area rugs can be an attractive and cost-effective means to protect floors, while adding character to an area of your home or office.

So you might own a beautifully crafted, hand-knotted antique? A Persian or Oriental rug, that’s been around for generations? Or do you have an area rug that perfectly suits your home’s décor? As a result, rugs range from fifty dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Well-maintained area rugs can also play an essential role in improving the indoor air quality of your home or office. Due to, the gravity causing airborne particles like dust, pet dander and pollen to fall to the floor. The fibres in your carpet or rugs trap these particles and therefore, stop them from becoming airborne again. Essentially our rugs and carpet become large filters that catch these foreign particles until removed through routine vacuuming and cleaning.

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Most area rugs, particularly handmade wool and silk rugs, can last a lifetime if cared for properly. General wear, dirt and insects (moths and carpet beetles) are the most common threats to the durability of a rug. Therefore, sticking to a few simple Care Procedures can greatly increase the life of your rugs. To preserve your rugs for future generations, schedule cleaning at least once a year with a rug cleaning expert.

Hence, the only way to clean oriental and woven rugs properly is in a rug washing facility. You certainly shouldn’t clean handwoven rugs like wall-to-wall carpet. Grime Fighters Rug Cleaning Melbourne care for valuable antiques through to the most basic of rugs from around the world.

When you choose Grime Fighters for Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Melbourne, we pick up your rug and take it to our rug laundry where it will receive our 9-step rug washing process for maximum soil removal. Cleaning rugs in our facility also allows us to use several tools and drying techniques that just aren’t available on location.

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9 Step Hand Washing Process for Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Melbourne

1. Pre-Inspection

First of all, we extensively examine any inherent qualities of a rug that may affect the cleaning process such as the fibre content, prior conditions, the type and construction of the rug. Following this inspection, we will outline any cleaning considerations and the likely results from cleaning.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Woven and hand-knotted rugs are also excellent at hiding dry soil. As a result almost 75% of all the soil in a rug is dry particulate. Studies have found that a 2.5m x 4m rug can hide an amazing, 40 kg of dirt. For this reason, Grime Fighters Rug Cleaning Melbourne, we use a variety of techniques to dust rugs, back to front. Rugs pass through our industrial dusting machine specifically designed to gently vibrate rugs to remove the dry soil. Some rugs require several treatments to remove all the soil. Finally rugs are vacuumed to remove any particles trapped on the tips of the pile. We take special precautions when dealing with delicate rugs. Above all, removing dry soil is the most crucial step in cleaning any textile.

3. Colour Fastness

Every rug is also tested to establish if its dyes are stable. If tests prove the colours have the potential to bleed, we adjust our cleaning process so that dye transfer will not occur.

4. Shampoo

Rugs are cleaned with soft-bristled scrubbers and oriental rug shampoos capable of maximum cleaning results while protecting sensitive natural fibres. Heavily soiled rugs may also require additional fringe treatments.

5. Rinse Process

We rinse rugs in a constant stream of freshwater while aided with special squeegees and rollers to remove all the soils and solution. These tools gently force even more soil and shampoo residue from deep in the rug’s pile, replacing it with clean fresh water. For moisture sensitive rugs, we can utilise a formulated fibre rinse while extracting the bulk of the moisture.

6. Controlled Drying

We extract the moisture then hang or lay the rugs in a climate-controlled drying room. Above all, proper drying is essential in caring for rugs. In contrast, improper drying can have devastating effects on the health of a rug, particularly natural fibre woven or hand-knotted rugs. Some of the common issues that can arise as a result are shrinkage, colour run, mould, browning, just to name a few. This is also one of the main advantages of cleaning rugs in a facility and not on location.

7. Grooming

We gently groom the pile of the rug before and after drying to reset it and assist with drying. Grooming is also a crucial element in the cleaning process. Imagine washing your hair and not brushing it before or after it dries. It will be clean but it wouldn’t look its best.

8. Detail and Inspection

Furthermore, we inspect every rug to ensure we are happy with the results. Therefore, if it passes the test, it gets a final vacuum and groom. In contrast, if we are not happy we return the rug to the wash area to repeat the process.

9. Pack and Deliver

Finally, we roll the rugs up and package them in brown craft paper to protect them from dust and soil while in storage or during delivery. Craft paper, Tyvek and other similar products also allow rugs to breathe. As a result, these products are perfect for wrapping rugs while in storage. Delivery will occur at a pre-arranged time, so we can roll them out and position them wherever you choose.

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