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Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - The basics of spot removal

The Basics of Spot Removal

We take pride in keeping a beautiful home. We spend time and effort on keeping it looking perfect. A soft new carpet adds the finishing touch to your warm and cosy home. The day comes when you notice a spot in the centre of your living room. You can’t possibly

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Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - Should you wash cushion covers yourself

Should You Wash Cushion Covers Yourself?

With children, pets and the rigours of everyday use, it’s not surprising that the cushion covers are getting a little grubby and need a wash. So, you make the decision to clean them yourself. They come out of the wash looking nice and clean, but you also notice some problems.

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Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Floor Care

A tiled floor makes an attractive addition to a home or commercial property, and where you have tile, grout is normally part of the installation. Grout lines give it all a uniform appearance with nice straight lines. Sadly, these straight lines don’t always appear totally… clean. Dirt, grime and a

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Grime Fighters Cleaning Blog - What is that smell

Tips For Removing Urine Odour

Yuck! What’s that smell? Most of us have uttered these words or had this thought before. Maybe because of pet urine in the carpet or clothing from a baby or toddler who had an accident. When these accidents go unnoticed or untreated is when the problems arise. Often, the first

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