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Carpet Repair and Re-Installation

We know how frustrating it can be having damage to your carpet. May it be a broken seam, burn mark, ripples or your cat has used your carpet as a scratching pole. Unfortunately many home or business owners leave these issues unattended causing further problems or sometimes irreparable damage.

These are some of the most common repairs we perform

Colour Repair: Colour-loss from bleach marks or urine stains and even some permanent stains can be repaired by re-dying affected area with permanent dyes to match the surrounding carpet.

Patch Repair: Burns from irons, holes, tears, worn or damaged sections of carpet can be cut out and patched with a spare piece of carpet. If you don’t have any spare sections we can take it from a wardrobe or somewhere inconspicuous. If you ever have new carpet installed it is always a good idea to keep some off cut sections for this purpose.

Carpet Stair Repair: The tread of stairs can often come loose or wear out much faster than the rest of the carpet be it due to poor installation, pets, accident or the way people scuff there feet on the edge of the step. We can reattach loose sections or replace the damaged area with an undamaged section from somewhere inconspicuous.

Re Stretching: Rippled, wrinkled, wavy, bubbled, loose. These are all terms people use when describing their carpet when it is in need of re stretching. Not only does this take away from your homes appearance it can also create tripping hazards and premature wear to your carpet. Unfortunately many carpet installations are installed with only a knee kicker this causes carpets
to appear looser over time because they where never stretched tight in the first place. We use power stretchers to stretch the carpet across the full width of the room as it should have been installed from the beginning.

Pulled Rows or Tufts: A common repair on berber type looped carpet is pulled tufts or even large rows. Due to the carpet pile being looped it can get snagged by furniture or high heels and get pulled out of the carpet backing. This can’t be fixed by trimming off the loose fiber because it will leave a big hole.

Re Seaming: A seam that has split or come apart can become a tripping hazard and if not repaired can cause much bigger problems like carpet de-lamination. We can re-seam the damaged area to look as good as new.

Re Laying: We can reinstall carpet that has been dried after a water damage or pulled back for decontamination and replacing underlay after severe pet urine stains. Many carpet layers will not reinstall old carpet.

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