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Professional Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Melbourne

Area Rugs have played an important role in our home décor since the beginning of time and they come in a variety of colours, shapes, materials, patterns and prices.

Often cheaper than wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs can be an attractive and costeffective means to protect the flooring while bringing in some revitalization to an area of your home or office.

You might have beautifully crafted, hand knotted antiques, such as Persian & Oriental rugs, that have been around for generations. The price of rugs can range from fifty dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Well-maintained area rugs can also play an essential role in improving the indoor air quality of your home or office. Gravity causes common household particles such as dust, pollen, pet and insect dander to fall to the floor. The fibres of your carpet or rugs trap these particles, reducing their circulation in the air. Our rugs and carpet essentially becomes a large filter that catches these foreign particles until they are removed through routine vacuuming and cleaning.

Most area rugs, especially those that are handmade from wool and silk, can last a lifetime if properly cared for. General wear, dirt and insects (moths, carpet beetles) are the greatest, most commonly known threats to the longevity of rugs, but a careful adherence to a few simple care procedures can greatly increase the life of your rugs. Periodic professional cleaning by a rug
expert, ideally once a year, will also ensure your rugs are preserved for generations.

In-plant rug cleaning is recommended for oriental rugs and loose woven rugs. These types of rugs should not be cleaned like wall-to-wall carpet. At Grime Fighters, we care for the most valuable antiques to the most basic of rugs from around the world.

We will pick up your rug and bring it to our laundry where it will receive our specialised 9-step cleaning process to get maximum soil and spot removal. Having your rugs cleaned at our facility allows us to put it through several steps for a more thorough clean, and access to the use of a controlled drying process and utilization of several tools that just aren’t available on location.


Our 9 Step Rug Cleaning Process:

1. Pre Inspection: We will extensively examine all the inherent qualities of your rugthat may affect the cleaning process such as the fibre content, presence of preexistingconditions, and type of rug. Following this inspection, we will outline anycleaning considerations, and the expected cleaning results.

2. Dry Soil Removal: It is part of a rug’s design to hide dry soil, especially if the rugfalls in the woven or hand knotted category. Almost 75% of all rug soil is dryparticulate. Studies have found that a 2.5m x 4m rug can hide an amazing 40 kg ofdirt. At Grime Fighters, we use a variety of qualified techniques to “dust” the rugsfrom front to back. We lay the rugs face down on specially designed dusting gridsand use equipment specifically designed to gently vibrate the back of the rugsremoving the dry soil, then turn the rugs face up to vacuum whatever particles thatmay get trapped in the tips of the pile. Dusting will continue for a duration of an houror more until no more debris is ejected; for delicate rugs other precautionary stepsmaybe implemented. This is the most crucial step in cleaning any textile.

3. Colour Fastness: To ensure the colourfastness of your rug, we perform a 24-hourdye transfer test. If colours have the potential to run, our rug cleaning process willthen be appropriately adjusted so that dye transfer will not occur.

4. Shampoo: The majority of rugs are cleaned using a special Oriental rug shampoo designed to give maximum cleaning results while still protecting sensitive naturalfibres such as, wool, silk and cotton. Fringe treatments may also be applied formaximum soil removal.

5. Wash Process: During the rinse procedure, the water in our rug bath is constantlycirculated with clean water running in at one end and the dirty water pumped out theother. We also use a specially designed rinsing wand that could be described as asqueegee with a blade of water. This blade of water gently forces the remaining soilsand shampoo residue from deep in the rugs pile and replacing it with clean freshwater. For moisture-sensitive rugs, we can utilise formulated fibre rinse whileextracting the bulk of the moisture.

6. Controlled Drying: After all the soils have been rinsed away, the rugs are hung todry or laid flat on special drying tables in a climate controlled drying room. Properdrying is essential in the care of your rug. Improper drying can have devastatingeffects on the health of rugs, especially woven or hand knotted rugs made fromnatural fibres. Some of the most common side effects are shrinkage, colour run,mould, browning, just to name a few. This is one of the key reasons why these typesof rugs should be cleaned in a rug cleaning facility and not on location.

7. Grooming: Before and after your rugs are dried, we gently comb the face fibres ofthe rug with soft grooming brushes made specifically for rugs. Grooming is a crucialelement in the cleaning process. Imagine washing your hair and not combing itbefore or after it dries. It will be clean but it won’t look as good.

8. Final Detail and Inspection: Our fastidious technicians will give the rugs athorough inspection to make sure our high expectations have been met. If it passesthe test it will receive one final vacuum and grooming. If our technician does not feelthe absolute best results have been achieved, the rug will be returned to the washarea to repeat the cleaning process.

9. Package and Delivery: After the rugs are cleaned, dried and have successfullypassed our stringent quality control, we roll them and wrap them in brown craftpaper to prevent further dust and soils from getting on them prior to and duringdelivery. Brown craft paper also lets your rug breathe if it is to be kept in storage forany length of time. Rugs delivery will occur at a pre-arranged time, and can be rolledout and laid wherever you choose.

Grime Fighters are applicators of a “PERMANENT FABRIC PROTECTION” that has revolutionized our ability to protect valuable rugs and upholstery.

This amazing product is the perfect solution for protecting your valuable rugs. This revolutionary product penetrates the fibres, creating a stain protection and sun-fade resistance that lasts forever. There is no need to reapply the protector every year or after every clean, unlike all the topical fabric protectors available on the market.

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